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Statistics Roneval

Statistics for Leverburgh and Harris

Resident Population 1981 to 2001

Population Change 1901 to 2001

Resident Population 1981 to 1991

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List of Emigrants from South Harris assisted by the HIGHLAND & ISLAND

Council ward Harris West is now covered by three council members- Council member, Mrs Morag Munro, Miss Catherine MacDonald and Mr Philip McLean - for more information on councillors visit the council website

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Roneval is the name given to a mountain located in Leverburgh.
Rising to a height of 460m (1509 feet), it was at the centre
of the longest public planning enquiry ever held in Scotland
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Toe Head
Toe Head is the most westerly point of South Harris and is located 6 miles (10 km) north west of Leverburgh.( at the far end of the village of Northton )
The peak of Chaipaval lies 2 miles (3 km) to the south east rising to a height of 365m (1197 feet), A secondary peak of 339m (1112 feet) rises to the northwest .
A natural arch lies at Toe Head

















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