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In 1991, Redland Aggregates Ltd applied to the Western Isles Islands Council (WIIC) for permission to extract anorthosite from Lingerbay.
The company proposed a superquarry with an average ten million tonnes annual output, over sixty years, to be exported in bulk carriers via a custom-built harbour.
The aggregate was destine for roads and construction work in the South England and overseas.
Redland predicted around a 80 jobs at full production, and economic rejuvenation for the island.

The local Council supported it, and local people were initially enthusiastic about the project. The Secretary of State for Scotland announced a public inquiry into the planning application, it opened in October 1994 turning out to be Scotland's longest to date, running for eight months.

The decision was finally anounced on Friday the 3rd November 2000 that permission was refused for a super-quarry at Lingerbay. Redlands launched an appeal against this decision

The company was appealing against that decision to limit the quarrying area on the national scenic area of the Roineabhal mountain, near Lingerbay but that was unanimously rejected by the court's three judges.

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