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About the website Note:

About the site

Leverburgh.co.uk started of as a hobby for Calum Morrison. ( Calum5 )
It was first launched in October 1999 with only four pages and it has not stopped growing since.

The web site is the original and best web site dedicated to, and serves as the community site for the village of Leverburgh on the Isle of Harris in the Western Isles ( Outer Hebrides ) of Scotland.

As the site is for Leverburgh it is open for anyone in this area to add relevant content to it, so if you have any ideas for the site then please let me know.

Its aim is to promote the village of Leverburgh to the world and to give those that have left the area an opportunity to keep in touch with what is going on here.

As the site is not funded in any way I am always looking for the assistance of others in the area to come up with content and new ideas, you provide the material and I will add it to the site ( if relevant ).

I hope that you enjoy visiting this web site and your comments and feedback are most welcome.


Website For Sale

Please note this website and domain are both For Sale.

I am not able to devote the required time needed to run the website and as a result offer it for sale to anyone that wish to continue it as a portal for Leverburgh and South Harris.

If you are interested in taking over the site please contact me

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